BTS are critical components of any mobile phone network because they allow the user to access the network. The transmission of voice and data and the widespread diffusion of wireless services require little power, but in a continuous and reliable way.

Coelmo developed several high-performance solutions for BTS sites, from the most traditional up to Full Hybrid Systems that use alternative energy sources, batteries storage systems and DC variable speed Generating Sets that drastically reduce the environmental impact in terms of emissions. Coelmo is able to offer the ideal solution for all environmental conditions and usage, minimizing investment costs (CapEx) and optimizing the operating expenses (OpEx).

It is mandatory to  avoid a power cut in telecommunications that can be caused by main failure or, by an unstable power supply.

Traditional Solution: Back-up AC Generating Set
In this case  the load is usually connected to the mains. Following a voltage or frequency error, a start signal is sent to the generator  after the set delay.  When the generator voltage is within programmed limits, the load is connected to the generator until the mains line reverts to standard values. At this time the load is transferred back and the generator is kept in operation without load for a suitably set time to allow it to cool down.


Variable Speed DC Generating Set + Batteries
The mains usually powers the load and keeps the batteries charged at the same time. As long as a mains failure occurs, the deep cycle battery bank feeds the load. IntegraTel® starts up the emergency
Generating Set start in case the mains black out lasts long enough that the batteries charge drops below a fixed threshold. The
Generating Set provides power both to the load and to charge the batteries. It will be stopped by IntegraTel® once the batteries are fully recharged. This working principle increases the entire systems efficiency allowing sensible savings both in operating costs and in
carbon footprint.


In order to ensure a suitable coverage, BTS are often placed in sites where no mains is available.

Traditional Solution: Dual Generating Set
In this case two generators are simultaneously controlled,  each with a start-stop and feedback signal. In this application a rotation between generators can be programmed, i.e. the load can be shifted from one to the other at regular intervals, with the purpose of sharing out the generator work equally. It is also possible to set the time of day when rotation shall occur, so that load supply cut-off occurs at a specific time. In case of a problem on either generator, the load is shifted to the one in stand-by.


Variable Speed DC Generating Set + Batteries + Solar Panels
The system consists of Solar Panels, a deep-cycle Battery Bank, a Variable Speed DC Generating Set and IntegraTel®. During the day, the solar panels provide power to the load and recharge the batteries. When the power coming from the solar panels is not enough, IntegraTel makes the batteries add the missing power to properly feed the load thanks to the introduction of the innovative “AND” operating princible. If the battery charge level drops below a fixed level, IntegraTel® starts the generator, which provides power to the load and charges the batteries too. When the batteries are fully recharged, IntegraTel® stops the Generating Set. Such a working principle increases the entire system efficiency allowing sensible savings both in operating costs and in carbon footprint.


Model  Coelmo PDT403-Da Coelmo PDT403-Da Coelmo PDT403-Da
Engine Model  PERKINS 403D-11G PERKINS 404D-22G PERKINS 1103A-33G
Prime Power (PRP) 9 (11,4) kVA 20,3 (24) kVA 403D-15 Perkins
Speed 1500 (1800) rpm 1500 (1800) rpm 1500 (1800) rpm
Frequence 50 (60) Hz 50 (60) Hz 50 (60) Hz
Cylinder Capacity 1131 cc 2216 cc 3300 cc
Fuel Consumption 2 (2,4) l/h 4 (4,8) l/h 5,4 (6,6) l/h
Cooling System Wasser Wasser Wasser
Nominal Voltage Three Phases 400 (440) Vac 400 (440) Vac 400 (440) Vac
Efficiency 86 (87) % 87 (89) % 88 (89) %
Model  TEL40-48GV TEL6.5-48GV TEL12-48GV TEL18-48GV
Engine Model 403D-07 Perkins 403D-07 Perkins 403D-15 Perkins 404D-22 Perkins
Max Power 4 kW 8 kW 12 kW 20 kW
Speed Regolation DC Linear Actuator DC Linear Actuator DC Linear Actuator DC Linear Actuator
Speed Range 1400 - 1800 1400-2400 1400 - 2300 800-1900
N. of Cylinders 3 3 3 4
Displacement 0,76 l 0,76 l 1,5 l 2,2 l
Max Fuel Consumption 0,7 - 1,7 l/h 0,7 - 2,4 l/h 1,0 - 4,7 l/h 1,6 - 6,5 l/h
Cooling System Wasser Wasser Wasser Wasser
Permanent Magnet Generator AMP-04 AMP-07 AMP-12 AMP-18
Output Voltage 44 - 60 Vdc 44 - 60 Vdc 44 - 60 Vdc 44 - 60 Vdc
Voltage Ripple < 150 mV pp < 150 mV pp < 150 mV pp < 150 mV pp
Efficiency 90% 90% 90% 90%
Operating Temp. -10°C / 60°C -10°C / 60°C -10°C / 60°C -10°C / 60°C
Coelmo Innovative DC Telecom Solution:
- Coelmo Hybrid Solution is a flexible Energy Solution designed to deliver DC Power to Telecom sites 24/7.


DC Variable Speed Generating Set:
- Variable Speed Engine
- DC Voltage Output
- AC Voltage Output
- Sound Proof Canopy
IntegraTel Control Panel:
- “AND” Logic Combining Power Sources
- Remote Monitoring System


Batteries Bank:
- Deep Cycle Batteries Batteries
- 6h or 12h Autonomy Integrated in the Canopy
- DC Conditioning


Designed for Telecommunications Industry
Reduces Network Operating Expense
Reduced Fuel Consumption
Longer Maintenance Intervals


Lower Maintenance Cost
CO2 Reduction
Reduced Fuel Storage e Spillage Risk
Less Frequent Fuel Delivery

Integratel Energy Management System

IntegraTel® is a smart system, able to simultaneously monitor and manage different sources of power, to feed power loads without voltage interruption (no-break) and to share information on CAN-bus networks.

Connected to an electric power source (Generating Set and / or renewable energy), IntegraTel® powers the loads and keeps the state of battery charge.


Kurzschluss- und rückspannungsfeste Ausgänge (Batterie)
Unter- und Überspannungsschutz
Ladegerät mit Strombegrenzung
Programmierbare Parameter
Berechnung des Ladezustands (SOC)
Automatische Spannungsanpassung
Mehrstufige Ladetechnik
Input Voltage from PMG
Nominal Voltage
Output Voltage
Max Current
Psophometric Noise
Operating Temperature
Engine Speed Regulation
Aux Voltage
Serial Communication Port
48-145Veff Three Phases
44-57 Vdc +/-1%
80/120/200 Adc
<300 mV(PI<-Pk)
DC Motor Actuator

1.Water Separator
2.Antisand Filters
3.Fuel Automatic Decanting System

Long Maintenance Kit

4.Heavy Duty Air Filter
5.Heavy Duty Oil Filter
6.Aut. Oil Refilling
7.Air Cyclon Filter

Integrated High Capacitty Fuel Tanks

200 lt.
600 lt.
1000 lt.

Ermes® (Electronic Remote Monitor for Energy Systems) allows the remote management and control of COELMO generators together with the constant observation of the state of all energy sources present in Hybrid and Full Hybrid solutions.

ERMES monitors all the parameters of operation of the generators together with the energy flows between the various sources of hybrid solutions. The statistical analysis of the collected data together with the ability to communicate in real time any operating faults of the station, allows the rationalization of the interventions on the remote sites with a drastic reduction in maintenance costs.

Coelmo recommends ENI lubricants

Business continuity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is essential when managing telephone networks and data centers, upon which thousands of users rely for their communications. Minimal interruption would imply heavy losses and customer dissatisfaction.

The high reliability, strong robustness and revolutionary technology of Coelmo systems avoids the risks arising from the power failure of the infrastructure and databases.

This is the reason why the largest telecom operators in the world rely on Coelmo Generating sets for power and backup systems.